Medi Heally Herborn Heat Relief Waist Patch 2s

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- A natural alternative for relieving lower back pain and stiffness for at least 6 hours or more each use
- Also works for those who suffer from cold stomach and frequent indigestion problems
- Formulated with 7 safe and natural medical herbs that provide soothing heat—rose, lavender, ylang ylang, fennel, wormwood, chamomile, and clary sage
- Simple patch features a unique Natural Blooming Steam System for safe and gentle warmth
- Has a 53°C Heating Effect for minimal skin irritation
- Helps you experience more than 45% decrease in discomfort
- Has an aromatic scent that contributes to the relaxing effect
- Produced with oriental doctors, pharmacists, and aromatherapists
- Optimized herb formula was developed after hundreds of experiments
- Contains 2 herbal patches