Baby D Vitamin D3 for Babies 4.2g

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Promotes the absorption of calcium and support bone health
Ingredients: Vegetable oil, Vitamin D

Dosage: 1 drop per day
How to take:
- Open the bottle, turn the bottle upside down and then the liquid will drop out in few seconds. 
- Put the liquid on mother's clean nipples, finger, or pacifier, and put it inside the mouth of baby. We recommend to put the liquid in baby’s mouth for 30 seconds.
- You can also mix with milk or food

Keep the recommended intake amount per day and watch out for overdose. In case there are any problem on your body after using this product, stop using the product immediately and consult to doctor or pharmacist, or contact us. Do not use this product if your baby has calcemia

Intake Caution:
This product shall be given to baby by adult
Once the product is opened, please target to use within 3 months
No traces of Egg, Milk, Flour, Peanut, Soba, Shrimp, Crab. No added flavor, colorant and preservative

Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity
This product is for 90 drops (But the product contains extra quantity) Once 90 drops are used, it will be difficult to use the remaining to avoid the over use.