Aviche M1 Personal Air Purifier

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Aviche Air Purifier is the leading personal air purifier on the market using cutting-edge technology to emit negative ions and push pollutants away from your breathing zone.



Brand Name: AVICHE

Power Source: Built-in Rechargable Lithium battery

Capacity (CFM): 20

Style: Personal Air Purifier 

Size: 80 x 37 x 24 mm

Weight: 50 grams

Negative Ion (output)20 millions pcs/cm3

Negative Ion (5cm): 8 millions pcs/cm3

Application area: <10㎡

PM2.5 removal rate: 99.9%

Installation: Neck, Car, Desk, Room, Etc

Type: Negative Ion

Noise: ≤20dB

Anion Density: 15000000pcs/m³

Certification: CE

Function: Release Negative Ions to Remove Bacteria,

                  Allergens, Smoke, Etc. 

Model Number: M1

Battery running time: 35 to 40 Hours

Life Cycle: 500 Charges