How To Keep Our Health In The Thick Of Covid-19

It's been almost a month since the Corona virus outbreak, and it has become a global epidemic since.

Honestly, it has been a trying time for us Filipinos, coming from the Taal Volcano ordeal in January. Now this health crisis happening is threatening our peace of mind, but the best thing we can do is be vigilant and be prepared. 

Keeping ourselves safe from the virus is a rigorous list to follow through;















but it’s also important to note that no matter how careful we are if we have a wee\ak immune system, we can still get infected.

So all things considered, boosting our immune system should be one of our top priorities. Keeping our bodies healthy include getting an adequate sleep, exercising regularly, having a diet that is high in fruit and vegetables, and taking in vitamins for added nutrients.

As Secretary Francisco Duque of Department of Health recommends:


In line with this, VPharma provides a more convenient way of boosting our immunity with its line of supplements:

  • Mega-Malunggay - aside from the very known benefit of improving milk production, one capsule is a rich source of Vitamins A and C, Iron, Calcium, Potassium and magnesium. 
  • Mega-Mangosteen - rich in powerful antioxidants that aid in promoting a healthy immune system.
  • Mega-Ampalaya - packs several key nutrients for over-all health
  • Health Aid Bifina - since our gut houses the beneficial bacteria essential in regulating our immune system, keeping it healthy and balanced is important. Health Aid Bifina provides a unique and easy solution to effectively deliver probiotics straight to the gut, free from gastric acids.
  • Herbilogy - plant-based superfood in extract powder form that we can easily mix in food and drinks. The myriad of health benefits can keep the entire familly healthy.

The number of corona virus cases are still rising and it will take some time until we can completely arrest the spread of this infectious pathogen. It's easy to give in to panic and anxiety, but there are preventive health care measures we can practice to protect ourselves and our family. 

And when we focus on the things we can do, we can go on with our day to day lives and live better.


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